The AirCar

We are also working on the Milner AirCar. The patented Milner AirCar will be a completely self-contained four-door, four to five-seat advanced-composite road-able aircraft (flying car) with foldable main wing in the rear of the vehicle and a canard in the front.

The current vehicle is a non-flying but drive-able prototype of the AirCar.

One or two engines with propellers or ducted fans producing 300 total HP will carry the aircraft at cruise speeds of 200 MPH for up to 1000 miles. (Computer simulations indicate level-flight drag to be 250 lbs at 100 MPH, 420 at 200 MPH, and 700 at 250 MPH.)

In ground mode, the Milner AirCar will operate as an automobile and be about the same size as the Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic. A separate 40hp engine and transmission will power the wheels on the ground.

The non-retractable wheels extend from the 54” wide fuselage. The front wheels have double a-arm suspension, and the rear wheels are located in the wing just inboard of the first wing fold. When changing to air mode, the rear wheels will pivot forward so less weight is carried by the front wheels and the vehicle has additional ground clearance. At the same time, the front wheels will pivot downward to keep the vehicle level.

The AirCar will have modern instrumentation with two flat panel displays that display the appropriate information for air mode and for ground mode.

We expect the vehicle to cost approximately $450,000. The initial prototype will be built as an experimental aircraft, with the eventual goal of getting the aircraft certified for commercial production.

The airplane will be eventually be pressurized, have normal deicing equipment and operate up to 25,000 feet. This allows the pilot to get above a majority of the weather without getting into the more hostile airspace above 25,000 feet (of lower temperatures, lower atmospheric pressure, decreased airspeed flexibility, increased risk of loss of pressurization, and the need for increased pilot training).

This project is currently on indefinite hold, while we concentrate on the ElectriCar.  The next step, if and when we decide to move forward with this project, will be to identify a company or companies to perform the remainder of the engineering work for the airplane and build a flying prototype.

See the Progress Gallery for recent descriptions and images of our vehicle.

MILNER AIRCAR SPECIFICATIONS Specifications subject to change

Seats 4
Doors 4
Empty Vehicle Weight 1800 lbs
Max Gross Weight 3000 lbs
Overall Dimensions (Air Mode) 200" long, 28 ft wingspan, 66 " tall
Overall Dimensions (Ground Mode) 200" long, 84" wide, 78" tall
Engine Power (Air Mode) Dual 160HP ducted fans
Engine Power (Ground Mode) 40 HP engine utilizing front-wheel drive
Cruise Speed (Air Mode; 75% Power) 172 KTAS
Range @ 75% Power (Air Mode) 900 nm
Maximum Speed (Ground Mode) 85 MPH
Ducted Fan Diameter 28"
Ducted Fan Max RPM (Air Mode) 6600
Wheel Base (Air Mode) 128"
Wheel Base (Ground Mode) 166"
Tread Width 76"
Front Shoulder and Head Room 56" and 45"
Rear Shoulder and Head Room 54" and 43"
Expected Cost $450,000