The ElectriCarTM

The Milner Motors ElectriCar is a 4-door, 4-place, 4-wheel plug-in hybrid electric car designed from the ground up to be safe, environmentally friendly, energy efficient, easy to use, stylish and affordable.

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The technology exists today to advance the design of automobiles to achieve a 5 times increase in fuel economy after two hours of running on batteries. This has been shown to be possible by light-weighting the vehicle through the use of composites, by the completely new design of vehicle systems, and through the use of electric-hybrid propulsion systems.

Based on years of engineering and technical research, the Milner ElectriCar's patented design incorporates a modern gasoline/electric hybrid power train, advanced materials, computer controlled systems, lightweight battery packs, and computer-aided design for occupant safety.

The Milner Motors ElectriCar is an electric vehicle with gasoline assist. Our vehicle is designed for 2 hours of operation using the batteries. It has an onboard gasoline engine that turns on automatically for trips outside the all-electric range. 95% of daily driving is expected to be handled by the electric drive.

The footprint (wider wheel base and tread width) provides a stable ride with the added advantage of having the wheels outside of the body which provides a quieter ride.

We are currently building a driveable prototype of the ElectriCar to test handling, energy efficiency, and practicality. After the ElectriCar's capabilities have been proven, we will market the ElectriCar as a kit car. Then we will work on full Federal Government safety certification to bring the vehicle to the domestic U.S. market.

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MILNER ELECTRICAR SPECIFICATIONS Specifications subject to change

Seats 4
Empty Vehicle Weight 1250 lbs
Brakes Four Wheel Disc plus Emergency Brake
SteeringRack and Pinion
Electric Drive 2 72V DC Motors provide 60hp Peak, 15hp Continuous
Onboard Battery Capacity17 KWH
Gasoline Drive 125cc, 15HP, electric start
Transmission1 Speed
All-Electric Range 2 hours / 100 Miles
Recharge Time 3 hours
Maximum Speed (MPH)85
Gasoline Efficiency (MPG)Better than 100 MPG
Range 100 miles electric, then 1000 miles gasoline
Tires 155 R 12
Overall Dimensions 183" long, 56" wide, 54" high
Wheelbase and tread width 136" and 62"
Front shoulder and head room 56" and 45"
Read shoulder and head room 54" and 43"
Front Leg Room 41"
Storage 12 cubic feet behind rear seats


We have selected and started to work with a company who is doing the FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) crashworthiness design. They will work with our aviation engineering people to incorporate aviation requirements with automotive requirements. The most challenging of these issues will be occupant protection and crash-energy absorption features, including front, side and rear impact collisions and roll-overs. This team will incorporate work that has been completed by others in the design and manufacture of light-weight composite vehicles.